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Fixing crowds and forging unforgettable memories for all. A word from our co-founder, Suki Rose.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

What is crowdFixr?

At the time of writing, crowdFixr is a humble group of people planning and running alternative events for all. We design our events and activities with a clear objective: forge unforgettable memories by bringing people together meaningfully. We are doing this so that everyone feels included, which we increasingly know is good for our well-being! crowdFixrs are extroverts, introverts, thinkers and feelers so we tailor events to ensure everyone gets something great whilst engaged in our events.

Cities are jam-packed with events and things to do but they can still be daunting for the “coolest” cucumber out there. Even if you are a cool kid some of the events can feel like they are on repeat - booze, small chat, loud music and nothing left but a hangover.

My own experiences with great crowds (some tiny)

I was born in London, raised in Lae (a small town in Papua New Guinea), Kuala Lumpur and London. My family is English, Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian and Papua New Guinean. I come from a place of difference and enjoy knowing what diversity feels, looks and (((tastes))) like. ;)

My youngest unforgettable memories of doing adult things in London include getting hammered on a single pint at Twickenham’s “The Cabbage Patch”, chilling at coffee shops for hours with friends (not having bought a drink) and aimlessly walking around the “West End”, then referring to West Central London. I was savvy enough to make the connections I needed to feel included, always mindful that others needed some help.

Big cities are huge and are cultural melting pots for all kinds. They make for many opportunities which, in turn, comes with many risks. My Jewish friend got punched in the face for wearing a skull cap, my closest friends have been spat on for same-sex hand-holding and I’ve sadly seen time and time again sexist and imposing behaviour in workplaces and social spaces. I’ve heard the stories of many people who aren’t the “best” at socialising. They struggle to make kindred friends and forge deeper connections. I am struggling not to act on helping them do so. And that’s how the idea behind crowdFixr was born!

Developing something for everyone

Having worked in business development, partnership and policing, I’ve witnessed the solid benefits of striking effective working and personal relationships with people. Learning about someone, their journey, their directions, and their fears is such an enjoyable yet frightening process. Voices include ‘what if they think I’m a weirdo, what if they tell me to eff off, will I get punched, what if they start crying…?’

Whilst it’s tough to ask tough questions, the opportunity to gain an insight into someone and connect meaningfully is huge. Gripping fear comes with as many opportunities as it does risk - you can know someone and they can know you.

I belong to some great networks full of great people who are warm, kind, accepting and generous with their love and time. Some of them are shy AF and need a little help forging deep connections with others and others get into a soul in minutes. I feel completely fulfilled being able to bring people together mindful of their passions, interests, fears and goals. I’ve turned this passion in a full-time job and I hope that this will enable others to do the same very soon. I believe that no person should feel alone in this world (see Guillermo’s piece on loneliness in London).

Come on then! Join the movement with crowdFixr, purposely founded to end loneliness by meaningfully bringing people together in safe spaces across capitals and forging unforgettable memories for all. We invite you to join our interactive and meaningful events ranging from bar-based language lessons, themed open mics to treasure hunts.

Our first event is a Christmas/Hannukah (Christmakah) themed open-mic night for any act. Crucially, 50% of ticket sales go to Shelter, a homeless charity. In the spirit of community our events will always include a donation to a cause. So if you’ve got a warm heart and want to share your talent or soak some up, buy your ticket today. Artists don’t pay so send us your registration details to